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Hazardous Disposal Services

IWU - Hazardous Disposal Services

IWU routinely handles all types of waste products
including those shown below.

Absorbent wipes Electrolytic silver recovery
Aerosol cans Empty waste drums
Aqeous parts cleaning Film recovery
Aqeous processing Flammable waste
Batteries Fluorescent recovery
Buffing pads General purpose cleaners
Catalysts Lead foil and mercury waste
Contaminated soils Mercury
Coolant management Metallic replacement
Corrosive waste Metals
Cylinder recycling Non-regulated industrial waste

IWU - Hazardous Material Disposal Services

Oil filters Product recall service
Oily water Reactive management
Organic contaminated waste Solution recovery
Oxidizer/cyanide Used oil
Paint booth filters Waste brake fluid
Paint spray gun and equipment cleaners Waste coolant/antifreeze
Parts cleaners Waste gasoline services
PCB management/disposal Waste paint and ink
PCB oils Waxes, compounds, body filler

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