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Lab Pack Services

IWU provides "Lab Pack" services for containers of laboratory chemical wastes, including off specification chemicals, expired shelf life materials and small volume chemical samples. Chemical lab packing is available at our customers' sites, involving the packing of various sizes and quantities of chemicals into appropriately sized over-pak containers that meet the standards set by DOT, federal, and state regulations.

Our lab packing service includes the following applications:

Inventory control
Component segregation

Our trained hazardous waste personnel will:

Identify all unknown wastes
Segregate the waste by hazard class
Package the wastes in accordance with Department of Transportation (DOT) and all state and federal regulations
Prepare shipping papers and inventory lists
Properly label containers
Help establish cost-effective treatment/disposal options
Complete waste profiles and obtain approvals
Transport to approved facilities of your choice

For both consistency and to maintain a strong working relationship, our goal is to have the same lab packing team serve you in the field whenever possible. Packing is performed to achieve maximum recycling.

We transport packaged materials to a variety of facilities, where they are analyzed and processed by the most experienced, technically capable laboratory-packaging chemists and technicians in the industry. Materials may be recycled, converted to alternative fuels for beneficial reuse, or shipped off-site for disposal. We customize our services to meet your entire chemical packaging requirements.

IWU - Lab Pack Services

IWU - Lab Pack Services
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